31 Dec 2003 by flerly, 2 Comments »

I think this says it all.

Just got one of these cards from my mom. Seems even she has been invited out to a “club” tonight for New Years. I still don’t know what we’re doing. Honestly, if I have my way, I think I’ll be doing a marathon of Firefly so I can finally shut up about it. Perhaps I’ll go buy a cheap dvd player to hook up to my tv today just to increase the odds on that.

Who knows. I think I don’t want to pick what to do. I think I want to turn the brain off and be a follower tonight.



  1. skjarl says:

    That e-card was great. You should do the same thing I’ll be doing tonight…that is, working. Feh.

  2. flerly says:

    Probably will be. Tonight and tomorrow.

    But on the bright side, right now I’m working with Firefly going on the portable DVD player, sound running through my PC speakers… doing my best to enjoy this hell on earth called work.

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