To bravely gossip on company conference call lines where no one has gossiped before…

29 Jan 2004 by flerly, Comments Off on To bravely gossip on company conference call lines where no one has gossiped before…

Well, our new manager, Mr. Hatcher, was so engrossed in meetings he couldn’t attend our weekly call, so our old manager, Mr. MicromanagerMan handled it. Just when I thought I’d tuned in to the call for nothing, he signs off, saying he has another call, and leaves us lackeys to gab at our leisure. So, of course, we discussed yesterday’s layoffs. Chris pointed out, it being his next-to-last day (resigning), that they had fired two people who were responsible for downloads from about 40 MLS that they had no one to replace. Thus he’s expecting lots of hilarity to ensue as soon as the affected sites notice they aren’t getting new listings. Marc noticed on the call that Sarah Stein was also missing from the global address list, and sure enough we confirmed she was also let go. Jason Renfroe sucks the worse. Now we have no account managers who know how things work? What, he was the only person who would call and talk to the people working on the issues rather than whine to higher ups about them being slow? Can’t have that. We need more whiners. Seems they also let go a programmer friend of Jason C’s in Hawaii.

It’s been a weird day all around. Could not sleep for dreaming of remedy tickets. Was up watching The Two Towers … again… early this morning. Finally started getting sleepy around 7am, made JT’s lunch then went to bed. Lucky no calls came in. I guess because the people who usually bother me are either fired or engrossed in those big meetings in California.

Only one more day of work. One more and then we hit the Carolinas for fun in the snow… if that’s even possible. As grumpy as I’ve been while it’s cold here lately, I don’t want to be around me outside all day in snow. Yeah… could be bad.

Oh well… enough babble.


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