30 Jan 2004 by flerly, Comments Off on TGIF

Or rather.. TGINWA (Thank God it’s Not Wednesday Anymore)

Item 1. Errands. Done.

Item 2. Lunch. Done. Mmm.

Item 3. Work. Email… WTF… Seven new messages, all from Michelle… “Apparently I’m not allowed to work on new sites anymore…” per Bobby she is officially part of his “site maintenance team” who will be cleaning out remedy issues regarding existing sites by our “deadline” of end of April. I apparently will be in charge of cleaning out the new site queue by our “deadline”. Nevermind I already wasted hours and hours of my life cleaning out remedy issues the other day so that they wouldn’t get assigned to Michelle, because she is already so busy with new site stuff. Somebody could have TOLD me that’s ALL she is going to be doing. Well, somebody should reconsider that directive now that I’ve already DONE a most of that for her. I go out of my way to help us meet the deadline… reward, take my help away.

I am still going out of town this weekend and not coming back until Tuesday, and any urgent stuff that was assigned to her to be due today or Monday can just wait. Send it to Bobby to do.

Why do I have such issues with people named Bobby?


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