Not a horrible way to start a morning…

16 Jul 2004 by flerly, 2 Comments »

…talking with a cute guy about the possibilities of getting me up on a table to spread my legs for him sometime in the future.

Too bad we’re talking gyno appointments, but on the bright side… at least the new doc is a cutie.



  1. tiger66466 says:

    yikes! that’s the last type of doctor I’d want checking me for abnormalities and disease and such – a cute male doctor. I’ve always felt way more comfortable with a female gyno, myself.

  2. flerly says:

    I DID have a female doc, but she moved away and they brought this guy in to take over her patients. It was all… weird. He was really sweet and seemed a little nervous talking to me. I was there for the routine depo shot, but since it was my first time in since he’d taken over, he wanted to meet me. I guess it’s always weird being the guy talking to the girl about her birth control, though, Being the typical guy doc, he said if I felt more comfortable with a woman doc for my gyno exam, that he knew a great gyno-chick he would refer me to for those only… but I dunno if it really matters to me.

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