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29 Apr 2005 by flerly, 4 Comments »

So, while Mutant Enemy is making the leap from television series to feature films, it seems Lucasfilm is looking to move into television series.

Beyond the “Clone Wars” animations, Star Wars may turn into a regular half hour of TV… stories between Ep. III and IV.

Also, when asked if ever there would be an Episode VII or beyond, Lucas says his films are essentially the story of Darth Vader — they begin when he is born and end when he dies, which he finds to be a good completion for his vision.



  1. squatting_jedi says:

    Those damn Trekkies, they’re such dorks, not like us. We’re cool. I can’t wait for the live action TV show of the Clone Wars hopefully that will be great. By the way my subject line was a quote from a Star Wars movie, know which one?

  2. flerly says:

    I thought they yelled “Die Dickheads!” … but whatever. Crazy ad-libbing Mon Cal.

  3. squatting_jedi says:

    Impressive…most impressive. Obi-wan has trained you well.

  4. cahenz says:

    I’ve been absorbing all the recent Lucas info like a greedy geek sponge recently. I’ve been hearing some very positive things about the last installment too – very dark and very satisfying. Every Star Wars fan knew from the moment they announced the prequels that this one would be the one to see. It’s the part of the story that’s the most interesting – a fall from grace story. I can’t wait. I’m thinking it’s going to be the Shakespearian tragedy of the whole series – the darkest corner.

    Okay now I’m going to go draw monsters and twist my index finger into my nostril whole contemplating why any girl would want to live with a dude that’s obsessed with Star Wars and plays video games constantly.

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