Top 10 New Years Resolutions

30 Dec 2005 by flerly, 1 Comment »

1) I will NOT cancel my membership at the gym. As soon as I remember how to get there, I’ll go every single day.

2) I will stop using my treadmill as an extra closet (oooh, so that’s where that blouse went!) and use it for the purpose for which it was designed, as soon as I remember what that is….

3) I will find those dumbbells I bought last year (maybe they’re under the closet…er…treadmill) and use them for more than paperweights.

4) I will not sneer at the aerobics instructor and his or her ultra-perky voice and fat-less body. Rather I will use him or her as motivation.

5) I will get up every morning at 5:00 a.m. to exercise instead of waiting until after work when I inevitably will find a reason not to go to the gym.

6) I will NOT eat anymore sweets at work, no matter who’s birthday is or how good that chocolate cake looks. Heck, I’ll just cut sweets totally out of my diet!

7) I will cook a healthy dinner each and every night and calculate my calories so I know exactly what I’m eating. I will begin using tofu and making my own rice.

8) I will do a hundred crunches a day…no, TWO hundred!

9) I will stop consumption of all alcoholic beverages…as soon as I finish this beer.

10) I will strengthen my relationships by getting my friends/family to exercise with me (as soon as they stop laughing.)


One Comment

  1. ninjaben3 says:

    maggie and i are with ya under the following circumstances:

    a) consumption of alcoholic beverages does not include tequilla, rum, whiskey, burbon, etc.

    b) sweets are forbidden even on the dredded v. day. this means that no one will get them…no one!

    c) THREE hundred!

    d) i have to get up at 5:00am anyway, so can we make it 4:00, hell, lets just skip sleep all together and work out all the time.

    e) snearing is appropriate…*snicker

    f) relationships come first and if a relationship with a mirror becomes more important than a relationship with maggie i will have to bail out.

    all that said, we are doing the same. eating, living, loving, doing better. lets keep a progress report.

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