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29 May 2008 by flerly, 1 Comment »

I swear.. if I see that American Apparel SWIM ad one more time… please, I’m not going to buy any of your bizarre mismatched, stupid-looking swimwear that you choose to always display on pudgy pre-pubescent girls. I can’t stop wondering, in fact, what possessed you, American Apparel, to get those no chested girls to pose with their chests tucked in and their bellys thrust out, looking like a line of pale starving children who’d stumbled upon some random ugly 80s swimsuits. I know that’s EXACTLY what I want to look like when I wear a swimsuit… or perhaps they are doing their best to make these girls look so ugly that ANYBODY would look better than HER in this suit, so buy-it-buy-it-buy-it, k?

Am I wrong here?


One Comment

  1. scienceiscool says:

    it’s gotta be a joke. as in, a joke on the hipsters who would buy this stuff. i remember in the 90s dressing weird just to be weird, but this seems like ugly for the point of ugly, which is wrong.

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