If your brain is off for the holidays, stop contacting support, will you?

29 Dec 2008 by flerly, Comments Off

Customer’s boss sends me an email: I have a new employee, Joe, who has a domain name and has email at that domain. Will you see that his domain points from his old site to his site with us and make sure his email continues to work? Here’s Joe’s info if you have questions.

Me to customer, copy his boss: Hello Joe, waddaya know? All I need is for you to tell me how you check your email at that domain, so I can set it up to work the same way. What I mean is, does email at your domain address forward to another account that you check or do you use a program such as Outlook which is setup to check the domain address as a real POP3 email account, with a login and password?

Customer to me: I use the email for my business. Top Producer hosted my old website. Does this help?

Me to customer, copy his boss: I just wanted to make sure you didn’t have interruption in your email service, so can you tell me if you have all the mail at your domain address forwarded to another email address or not?

Customer to me: I purchased the domain from GoDaddy. Here is my login and password, can you look there?

Me to customer, copy his boss: In GoDaddy I can see that your email is set to forward to your email address at Top Producer, which you are canceling. If you will lose your Top Producer email address, then we need to forward your mail to some other address that you can check. OR if you are familiar with Outlook, I can send you settings to check your new email using that instead of forwarding it elsewhere.

Customer to me: I do not send from Top Producer, and it will be canceled as soon as you change where my domain goes.

Me to customer, copy his boss: I’ve made the changes to your domain. Let me know if you have any problems with your email, and we’ll go from there.


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