I’ve hit the trifecta

17 Jan 2009 by flerly, Comments Off on I’ve hit the trifecta

That is, I’ve hit the niece trifecta with talking to Phatass, GNI and Frewtnut all in one evening.

Have to say that this day really didn’t turn out anything like I’d planned. Finished my book The Nine, so I guess it’s time for some Alleve and bed, to dream about Supreme Court Justices or something. I did also manage to get an ink cartridge today, so it wasn’t a total bust. I have declined tomorrow’s “Tinkerbell Fairies” party invite, though, to remove any possibility of slacking off. Hopefully tomorrow I will feel better and be more productive. REALLY looking forward to Monday’s appointment with Dale. Despite Dalton’s wise words to the contrary, sometimes pain does hurt, and I’m ready to be rid of it.

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