Monday Madness

31 Aug 2009 by flerly, Comments Off on Monday Madness

I will shut up about Melting Pot eventually, but first: Fiesta Cheese – extra hot! and Bananas Foster to finish. Best. Things. Ever. We think dinner takes so long there because you have to pause to orgasm after every bite. Thank goodness for Midtown Restaurant Week specials!

I should probalby also make a note not to barely eat all day then dive into a bottle of wine with dinner. *the spinning is fun!* In fact, all that sugar plus wine: uber spinny-fun.

Meanwhile… in the downstairs, right now, JamesT is using a borrowed carpet cleaner to try to suck up the water from the carpet in the den around the bathroom door. Wow do we need to fix/finish that half-bath. I had cheaper home projects in mind first, but… we’ll see.

Max and A.J. are the official cat names, I guess. Maximilian had just stuck in my head after Inglorious Basterds – the German soldiers new baby boy, and A.J. sort of evolved. Technically he’s our “almond joy” cat, since he still has nuts, and well, myself and Kitty confined ourselves to the den and watched Armageddon the first day we decided to let the new cats explore the upstairs, so A.J. just seemed to work out. And perhaps I was just a bit creeped out at naming both cats after Stephen King story cats.

Max – the tabby – is working on being my buddy, though we haven’t quite figured each other out. He has taken to meowing a lot at times when I can’t work out what he wants. A.J. is still too shy to hang out with people, so its probably just a little lonliness for him not being around, too.

Kitty has done outstanding with the new arrivals. No fighting at all. She’s curious about them, enjoying the placement of food and litter box in an alternate location, and all the new toys. So far she’s only really gotten pissed at each new cat when they tried the same move on her independently — tried to come up and groom her. She’s not having any snuggle-time with these guys yet. Not really sure she knows what its all about, as it seems to REALLY freak her out.

A.J. needs a vet appointment in the next couple weeks, so I hope he gets a little more comfortable with people soon. I wonder if afterwards we’ll need to change his name to “Mounds”.

Oh well. Bed now. Up at 4:30 is hard, but I haven’t turned on the tv tonight and all that wine seems to be doing the trick to knock me out.

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