Don’t take me for a hater

29 Jan 2010 by flerly, 1 Comment »

Somehow, in the jumble of my day, this song popped into my head and I continued to catch myself singing it. So, I looked up the video on YouTube to just listen to the whole song and perhaps do away with the one line I knew to repeat over and over.

I stumbled across this little gem.

I don’t remember being terrified of The Muppets as a child, but why don’t I? If we’d had a television the size of our television now, I think I would have been, but perhaps tiny, grainy TV screens helped preserve my sanity.

On a related note, perhaps I was (was?) a little insane, since I did used to (used to?) terrorize people with my animals on a stick!

For Jimmy, I give you Winston and pals.Animals. On a stick.

Yes, one of those is Frankenstein. Just be thankful I no longer have a vehicle with a sun roof.

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