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3 Feb 2010 by flerly, 3 Comments »

So, either this is another symptom of this week’s fuzzy brain, or else I honestly never realized how old Wil Wheaton is before. He’ll be 38 this summer, and I’ll be 39 shortly after. That’s only one year.

Problem is, being a few years older than some friends with their Wesley crushes from the Star Trek Next Gen days, I distinctly remember thinking his character was such a punk sometimes, and clearly just a kid. Yup, just some punk kid one-year younger than me and my already burgeoning grumpy-old-man syndrome, apparently.

I have to say, realizing his age was truly a shock to me. I’m choosing to think he was just young-looking for his age at the time, and did a great job playing younger than he truly was, so that he had me, at least, convinced he was such a punk. Of course, looking back on those days, end of high school, beginning of college for me, I think I was pretty good at playing younger than I was, too, especially in the case of acting like a stupid punk kid, so perhaps he wasn’t such a great actor after all.

Never-the-less, I am still fascinated with the punk — so that realizingĀ his age causes the same sort of discord that my own does for me. Plus, sinceĀ I’m always fascinated by the lists people compile of things “this generation” has grown up without knowing — things like floppy disks or life before the internet — now I have to wonder, does that include a generation of people who don’t realize why Wil Wheaton is cool? Because that’s just sad.

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  1. Kit says:

    I think Wil looks like Edward Norton.

  2. Maggie says:

    I will love Wil Wheaton forever and ever. Period.

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