Vibram Five Fingers — not as kinky as it sounds

8 Feb 2010 by flerly, 1 Comment »

I mentioned yesterday was the Superbowl, right? I’ve heard complaints that school kids in New Orleans got today off, but I’m now of a mind that anybody succumbing to Superbowl junk-food should get the next day off.  I joked that we ate until we were sick, but boy it wasn’t a joke. Attempted to go to sleep propped into a sitting position, but when I was still awake as the light on the alarm began it’s fade-up to “sunrise”, I knew it was going to be all bad.

So, didn’t make class this morning, and didn’t exactly jump out of bed looking to workout. Drank tons of water and kept popping the Maalox all day, then started feeling somewhat better by the afternoon so I walked a while on the treadmill. Still not exactly bouncy and energetic, but feeling a bit better. Really looking forward to some sleep — which seems to be the story of my life these days.

In other news, it seems not only can’t I stick to a workout plan, but we’re also bombing our tight budget this month as James and I decide to indulge in a Valentines Day expenditure for each other. On the bright side, they should enhance both our goals to exercise more — as we’ve ordered ourselves some Vibram Five Fingers. Sound kinky? I wish, but they’re just shoes… with toes… essentially going barefoot with a grip.  

Anywho, so what have we learned? Well, we’ve learned to discuss things before we buy, and hopefully, to never have a junk-food fest again. Man cannot live on greasy fried things alone. The plan is to get up tomorrow and get back on “the project”, so I guess I ought to get my butt to bed.

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  1. justin says:

    Ahh welcome to the club. Which style did you get?

    Remember to take it slow — particularly if you are running. If you run into any snags, please stop by the fivefingers fan forums at my unofficial fan site for VFFs (


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