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29 Jul 2010 by flerly, Comments Off on After the fact update

July has been a calorie-counting month — mainly on the week days, with our weekends away being harder to log, but nearly the entire month is on the record again. I’m using to log now, because I’m enamoured of my android phone still, and it connects to a really nifty phone app, which I actually found first. =)

The treadmill desk has meant I’m doing at least 2 miles a day, working on a consistent 4-5, but still finding it difficult to do some things while I’m walking — so I’m doing a lot of just standing while I work, which I guess is still better than sitting.

This is also the end of my 2nd week as a Curves member — though week one was a free trial, and I only just got my computer tracker chip yesterday to really get going. The difference already, previously I was finding it to be really more cardio oriented, because I couldn’t really tell how hard I was working on the machines. Now with the chip, it’s a different ballgame. The thing harasses you if you dont work AT LEAST as hard as you worked last time, and supposedly it begins to harass you if you dont gradually improve. It monitors your range of motion on the exercises, power and reps. I find myself thinking less about keeping my heartrate up on the cardio pads, and more thinking about the next machine and what I need to do. Anywho, it’s essentially a 30-minute circuit training workout, and the computer chip estimates your calories burned — mine last time was over 400 for the half-hour. I’m pretty happy with that, considering how sore my muscles have been from the machines — I am feeling it!

So, with these general lifestyle changes in place — all I have to do is keep on keeping on. Walking every day, 30 minutes of circuit training at least 5 days a week, and monitoring calories. After one more week of Curves, I’m going to try their diet-cycle plan to try to jump-start some real weight loss. It’s a 7-day strict 1200 calorie diet, then 21-day 1500 calorie, then 2-day break. Rinse. Repeat. We’ll see how it goes.

The bright side, in my mind, is that I’m walking every day and I’m doing 30-minutes of circuit training. Even if I don’t change my eating habits, I should be improving. Monitoring to not overeat is a good idea. Monitoring to restrict calories is just a bonus. I’m loving this plan.

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