How do you spell motivation again?

20 Jul 2011 by flerly, Comments Off on How do you spell motivation again?

Feeling better. Damned if those “soft” antibiotics didn’t pull it off on the last day, and my earache is better. I, however, am a big old pile of mashed potatoes now, without any activity for so long. Zero energy. Zero motivation.

I did begin my Sunday afternoon belly dance class with Laura, however. It was crazy and fun and much harder than I thought, and I’m so glad it’s all girls and no spectators. There is a lot of me to jiggle, so it was quite a new experience. And my shoulders have been killing me since from the posture and holding my arms up.

In other news, I’m both swamped with work and terrified of being out of work, which has led to a lot of desk time. This means I can feel my ass expanding from all this sitting and stressing. It is so far beyond time to get back into a groove.

So, this week I’m starting with massive house-work duties. Maybe this weekend I’ll add in some weights or a class. One day at a time right now, but always on my mind.


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