Nothing to say really, just a moment of insanity…

19 Sep 2011 by flerly, Comments Off on Nothing to say really, just a moment of insanity…

So, Pinnacle Fitness Bootcamp would like to invite me to a free class at their Decatur location. Now that the weather has cooled off, my months old plea for an indoor bootcamp venue has finally materialized (again, actually, since Operation Bootcamp opened their indoor place this spring, but alas the request was still out there in the ether I guess). They want almost as much as the 5-day a week bootcamp I used to go to for only 2 days a week at this coveted indoor location, too. $120 a month is ridonculous to me. $40 a session, essentially.

Of course, now I have to go to the one free class to see what is so amazing that they want $40 a class for it. I only hope that it isn’t genuinely so amazing that I would really want to keep going, because I’m so not paying that.

Why wait? Tomorrow, 6:45-7:45AM, PINNACLE FITNESS BOOTCAMP Decatur is located inside Leapin’ Lizard’s Inflatable Center @ 185 Sams St., Decatur GA 30030. I hope we get to play on the inflatable stuff!

Ooh, according to their website, anybody can request one free class. If it’s awesome, I’ll pass it on.

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