“Hmmmmmm … I just wanna know … do you like me?”

1 Jan 2003 by flerly, 1 Comment »

What is wrong with me?
What is wrong with me?
What do I think of me?

Or better yet…

I’m not like them
But I can pretend
The sun is gone
But I have a light
The day is done
But I’m having fun
I think I’m dumb
Or maybe just happy

My heart is broke
But I have some glue
Help me inhale
And mend it with you
We’ll float around
And hang out on clouds
Then we’ll come down
And have a hangover

That one’s better for New Years Day… though I didn’t have a hangover… have a hangover…

Billy’s party was enjoyable. So glad went with us. I really had a really good time, really.


Figured the year was off to a good start… at least until the buzz wore off shortly before falling asleep last night.. er this morning at about 5am… whence I proceeded to process the evening, the conversations, the kiss and run, the harass and run, and the sober, though sleepy, co-worker’s unexpected expression of his desire to unlace my dress. Talk about an awkward moment, but of course his drunken wife and a drunken Billy thought it was hilarious as Billy just turned the comment into how secretly he really wanted to undo Billy’s shirt, and then proceeded to lift his shirt and dance about jiggling his stomach at him until we were all laughing.

So yeah. Good evening.

Good dreams, of things that didn’t really happen at the party, but good none-the-less. Slept late… much later than the tossing & turning JT, who was very ready to get up and go out to start the new years off with a good meal. I guess the day could have been worse. That JT, though… he’s just crazy…

Heh.. JT… heh.. I had to giggle when Jason called him JT to his face. Perhaps I should start refering to JT properly in LJ as … and see if Jason starts calling him that.

Don’t waste your money or especially your precious time on seeing Gangs of New York, btw.

…oh jeez. I almost forgot to mention this… and this one is JUST for , my partner in crime as we enjoyed moonshine two years in a row…. didn’t we? =)


One Comment

  1. tiger66466 says:

    yes, we sure did! it’s great to have the perfect excuse for anything that could possibly come up for fucking up anything in life: Q:”Why didn’t you meet the deadline?” A:”Hey, I had moonshine!” Q:”Why are you homeless?” A:”I had two year’s worth of moonshine!” and so on.

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