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11 Nov

Scheduled Maintenance

29 Jan

Best view

Seems only appropriate our next show will be for you, brother. I hope you have a good view up there.

23 Jan

Such Grace

Could not be more proud of you, brother. Strength, love, dignity, grace, sense of humor never faltered. Amazing man.

22 Jan

Easier said than done

I WISH I could say I have a face for radio, but I also have a voice for writing. Next

21 Jan


Still processing the words "just wanted to talk to you one last time." Where do you find words to reply.

23 Dec

This one stays on the fridge

Thinking about Thanksgiving 2010 and sending so much love across the miles. #fuckcancer — KimT (@flerly) December 24,

21 Dec

Text message wake up call

All I can think about this morning is flying to Jax just to sit quietly with bro resting in hospital

23 Nov

If only he kept going for the food

Keeping the faith. He is strong and this is curable. Sending some love to big bro. #fuckcancer — KimT

20 Nov


Long day. Work hectic. Mom silly. Brother back in hospital. Send love and sanity. And as always #fuckcancer — KimT

1 Nov

best receipt ever

Help my brother fund his battle and get a receipt "good for one entry into heaven….regardless of prior behavior"

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