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17 Jan

What’s up 2012?

Watched: Forks Over Knives Read: Veganist Hence, all the new recipes I’m trying. Favorite newly learned word: flexitarian. Making an

10 Jan

Happy New Tir’ from! (Italian Dessert Swap!)

HG’s Turbo-Tremendous Tiramisu ‘Mis’ America! We’ve made our guilt-free tiramisu even BETTER. Check out this updated recipe for the classic

29 Sep

Yes, sugar is bad, but birthdays are good!

Any and all personal goals notwithstanding, for my birthday I am making this recipe no matter what. THIS is what

10 Feb

Shrimp & Grits (from

Shrimp & Grits… for Hungry Chicks! PER SERVING (1/2 of recipe, 1 large serving): 380 calories, 8g fat, 900mg sodium,

22 Nov

Recipes for new Chicken Smoked Sausage

Chicken Smoked Sausage with Rice Total Cook Time: 25 minutes Bring the whole family to the table with Hillshire Farm®

22 Nov

Crock-Pot Cinna-Apples ‘n Oats

Crock-Pot Cinna-Apples ‘n Oats – from PER SERVING (1 heaping cup): 249 calories, 4.5g fat, 320mg sodium, 52g carbs,

6 Oct

Abs Diet nutrition plan – powerfoods and recipes

So far, I’m really only using the recipes for the smoothies here, but here is the full Abs Diet Recipes –

4 Oct

Recipe: Lemon Drop Smoothie (Abs Diet)

Lemon Drips and Drops Smoothie Ingredients: 1 scoop low-fat vanilla ice cream 1/2 cup reduced-fat ricotta cheese 1/2 cup low-fat

4 Oct

Recipe: Ultimate Power Smoothie (Abs Diet)

Abs Diet Ultimate Power Smoothie Ingredients: 1 cup low-fat milk 2 tblspn low-fat vanilla yogurt 3/4 cup instant oatmeal, nuked

4 Oct

Recipe: Show Me The Honey Smoothie (Abs Diet)

Show Me The Honey Smoothie Ingredients (Serves 1): 1 scoop low-fat butter pecan ice cream 1/2 cup low-fat milk 1

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