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11 Oct

Brief mood enhancement

Pretty much every time we have the opportunity to borrow the Goldwing and go for a ride with the family,

1 Nov


Last night I dreamt that we hadn’t really shot the show for “Fall Festival”, only a rehersal. This was because

30 Jun

*sigh* brain dump

So, when the autofeeder drops food it makes a loud sound that used to call Smudge from wherever he was

24 Jun

Wedding Wrap-up

There were just so many things to coordinate for this wedding that I’m surprised more didn’t fall through the cracks.

27 May

24 days to go!

My Wedding Weather for: Jess & Steven Location: Winfield, AL Date: June 20, 2009 Time: 6:00 PM Sunset: 8:05 PM

19 Feb

state of the union

It seems I’ve been so caught up in other things that I’ve let my journal nearly fall by the

29 Dec

Back on the road…

Christmas v2.0 went fine. Chattanooga was thoroughly visited, presents were given and received, and James even managed to squeeze in

23 Dec

Gearing up for Christmas v2.0

The weekend with the family was great. Much shopping, eating, and chilling was done. I really thought I was going

19 Dec

Christmas v1.0

Time is creeping by today, or someone put extra hours in this day, because I’m looking at the clock, seeing

2 Dec

Time to pack up…

Will be meeting niece for brunch before being dropped off at the airport for another loooong day of traveling. Between

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