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19 Oct

The Wind Through the Keyhole

(2:59:29 PM) Kim : oh — have you heard about this? (2:59:36 PM) Kim : new dark tower book

18 Oct

I hope it’s not contagious…

(11:09:12 AM) theflerlyone: They went to the build a bear workshop and built a cute little bear with a recording

16 Oct

i’d like my turn with our brain now plz

(6:56:44 PM) theflerlyone: well, the pizza says 60-70 minutes (6:56:52 PM) theflerlyone: want to watch animated stuff up here and

9 Oct

get off my lawn

(3:14:11 PM) theflerlyone: so are you still not busy? (3:14:23 PM) theflerlyone: because i have a stupid observation to make

6 Oct


theflerlyone: would you be opposed to me pushing efforts to turn you into the perfect husband? I’d be willing to

4 Oct

Cornell obsess much?

(1:03:32 PM) bsdn jamest: So… Plans tonight?? (1:03:35 PM) theflerlyone: =) (1:03:37 PM) theflerlyone: yup (1:03:52 PM) theflerlyone: i won

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