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21 Jan

This is what happens when you don’t wear your tinfoil hat…

Today I saw the first ad for the Curves circuit featuring Zumba fitness moves for cardio. It feels like the

19 Jan

A new year

Kit and I have decided to make the best of our current situations by planning to work out twice a

11 Nov

Baby steps, my ass

I went from a week working from a laptop in bed, to migrating the laptop to the desk and sititng

1 Oct

Revision: Workout plan

Here’s my revised workout plan, based on … realism… and some more reading into the fitness portion of the Abs

1 Oct

The lastest bestest notion

It has been a relatively active week for us, even though I did not make it up every day for

26 Sep

Set your stopwatches to see how long this motivation lasts…

Okay, the slack has really gone on longer than necessary, and well past any original injury or illness might preclude.

14 Sep

So you think I can dance?!?

So, yes, it’s been almost two weeks since I’ve been to Curves for the circuit — between sinus crap, travel,

21 Aug

A month already?

Just an update to mention that in the midst of a hell of a week of work, on Friday I

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