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20 Jan

Now that’s a kick in the pants

I have to say I am thankful for the years I’ve spent, if somewhat sporadically, keeping a journal that includes

29 Jul

After the fact update

July has been a calorie-counting month — mainly on the week days, with our weekends away being harder to log,

14 Oct

In ugh-ther news…

I nearly went two for two, as I got nauseous after my class again today. Last week, I pushed so

6 Oct


Having just finished my first cycling class ever, let me just say… I’m glad I made it home before I

30 Sep
2008 – updated

Calories Needed for Goal Weight You should consume about 1250 calories a day to reach your goal weight. This is

22 Sep

10 decisions/things to change in my life

I’ve been caught slacking again with the diet efforts… which makes for no efforts… which makes for… well, all the

20 Jun


Dreading the swap to a 6 AM class instead of the night class on Tuesdays, so we could start making

18 Jun

still going

Posting what we did each class is a lot less fun after pilates than it was for bootcamp, so until

5 Jun

So THAT is Pilates Sculpt…

Let me just say that I am so late posting after this evenings class mostly because I am so sore

4 Jun

Pilates Mat I – noon class w/ Ashley

Interestingly enough, last night Chelsea did a prop-free class and today Ashley did the same. Noon is their first class

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