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17 Jan

I’ve hit the trifecta

That is, I’ve hit the niece trifecta with talking to Phatass, GNI and Frewtnut all in one evening. Have to

29 Dec

Back on the road…

Christmas v2.0 went fine. Chattanooga was thoroughly visited, presents were given and received, and James even managed to squeeze in

23 Dec

Gearing up for Christmas v2.0

The weekend with the family was great. Much shopping, eating, and chilling was done. I really thought I was going

19 Dec

Christmas v1.0

Time is creeping by today, or someone put extra hours in this day, because I’m looking at the clock, seeing

3 Dec

San Diego in a nutshell

Saturday: Alejandro’s Mexican Restaurant – they know shrimp cocktail and margaritas Sunday: Cuyamaca Rancho State Park to Julian, CA (elevation

16 Nov

2 things

1. Happy Birthday to the Frewtnut niece! We’ll see her in less than a week now! W00t for San Diego

2 Sep

Tuesday afternoon boredom

This has been the weirdest day, as I’ve suddenly gone from juggling people and stressing over how I’m dividing my

10 Jul

Moments for the scrap book… pt 5

Rescuing the firemen As I talk to people after the fact, more comes back to me. For instance, it seems

10 Jul

Moments for the scrap book… pt 4

Not just great, but AWESOME Just another note, that it really doesn’t take much to become the coolest person on

10 Jul

Moments for the scrap book… pt 2

Life in a small town Way back on Sunday, before any other guests had arrived, Sis and I managed to

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