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29 Jan

Old cartoons, bad puns, and why your CoC characters die

For the record, I never actually went outside to get any details of what was going on, so the whole

7 Nov

The FPAG FFFF Con Experience so far…

The costumes include mullets and your favorite pyro shirt. By day you build shells and rockets and joke about “not

1 Nov


Last night I dreamt that we hadn’t really shot the show for “Fall Festival”, only a rehersal. This was because

27 Oct

2 tired 2 do this well, but…

On the occasion of having survived another year of life, I wanted to take a moment to think about some

29 Sep


For no particular reason I care to disclose, I just felt the urge to say today that I’m feeling a

31 Aug

Monday Madness

I will shut up about Melting Pot eventually, but first: Fiesta Cheese – extra hot! and Bananas Foster to finish.

6 Aug

banter with a side of awesomesauce

(10:31:49 AM) theflerlyone: i know you’re tired of working on the music collection, but i realized there’s a gaping hole

28 Jul

Until the TheraFlu kicks in…

So, from my reading tonight, yes this has all the makings of chronic sinusitis, and I guess it’s well passed

30 Jun

*sigh* brain dump

So, when the autofeeder drops food it makes a loud sound that used to call Smudge from wherever he was

27 May

24 days to go!

My Wedding Weather for: Jess & Steven Location: Winfield, AL Date: June 20, 2009 Time: 6:00 PM Sunset: 8:05 PM

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