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28 Jul

It all goes downhill so fast…

Use it or lose it:  Pretty common adage. How about Keep It Simple, Stupid? You’d think these were common sense. It’s

20 Jul

How do you spell motivation again?

Feeling better. Damned if those “soft” antibiotics didn’t pull it off on the last day, and my earache is better.

14 Jul

Getting there

I’m on day 8 of antibiotics, but at last I feel like a person again. Here’s hoping I’m beating this

28 Jun

Planning stages

Work is sporadically crazy, and I’m gearing up to be out of town for more than a week, but all

16 Jun

Flat abs begin in the kitchen

I heard someone say the other day “You know the old saying: flat abs begin in the kitchen“. Well, I’d never

13 Jun

Time keeps on slipping…

Where does the time go, while I sit on my behind stuffing my face? Oh, but we have been “busy”

6 May

Rollercoaster week

Not suprisingly, back up another pound this morning for the weigh in. Yesterday I ate food, though better choices than

5 May

That’s better

Morning check in: Up 1lb, but drinking a gallon of water before bed will do that to you. Dehydration, seriously.

4 May

*blink blink*

Quick check in…. just as I was thinking about going to make my morning shake, I realized James was home

3 May

check in

So, I was down 2lbs this morning from yesterday. Motivating? You betcha. Same meal plan today… mid-morning shake of the

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