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13 Aug

For posterity I guess

Home Destroyed By Fire In Washington County, VA By Josh Smith Anchor / WJHL Published: August 13, 2009 A massive

17 Jan

I’ve hit the trifecta

That is, I’ve hit the niece trifecta with talking to Phatass, GNI and Frewtnut all in one evening. Have to

10 Nov

Big screen blues

Payday could come sooner if it wanted. That would be just Grrrrreat! So, Thanksgiving in San Diego, Christmas in Chattanooga,

20 Sep

head asplode…

Our last three movies: Burn After Reading, No Country For Old Men, and In Bruges. We’re ready for a nice

29 Jul

The internet that could… not

Comcast is being comcastic today, and extremely frustrating. Have so much work to be doing… trying not to pull out

25 Jul

quite the quickie

Oh, I’m just SOOO glad we got to see the special Harry Potter 6 movie trailer before The Dark Knight

20 Jul

Are we there yet?

And thus the weekend mini-vacation is over, and the official and unofficial birthday/anniversary celebrations are well and done. Our getaway

10 Jul

Moments for the scrap book… pt. 1

The Ganey Bomb After spending a couple extra days with us quizzing him on all the names of the friends

10 Oct

*that was nice*

I need a nickname for this new “niece” that I’ll be referring to. She’s not the frewtnut, she’s the other

13 Aug

Just to record some impressions

I guess everyone has their family weirdness. I didn’t realize how many different ways there were for families to just

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