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26 Sep

Set your stopwatches to see how long this motivation lasts…

Okay, the slack has really gone on longer than necessary, and well past any original injury or illness might preclude.

9 Aug


What I am is headachy, tired and grumpy. Have done very well sticking to the calorie plan this week, though

7 Aug

ARGH – Day 2?

My head is pounding, and I’m tired, tired, tired. 1211 calories for yesterday, and with my expected snack for later

29 Jul

After the fact update

July has been a calorie-counting month — mainly on the week days, with our weekends away being harder to log,

3 Feb

This hump is right on schedule

Eat less and move more. Eat less. Move more. How much more basic of a system could there be? Why

2 Feb

“We missed a meal! Must be time to hibernate!” — my brain

Day two wasn’t exactly up and at ‘em, but as I think I mentioned on Facebook already, when the alarm

31 Jan

Must be nerves, and what I could get if I had all that money back…

It’s just after 8pm on the last day of January, 2010, and my stomach is twitchy wondering what ominous thing

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