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31 Jul

…and she was.

  We’re on our “annual” trip to my Bluff City hometown, and once again took the route up through the

19 Jul

Wild Azalea

Haven’t really wrapped my mind around this weekend fully — maybe because it was intended to be escape and relaxation,

14 May


Walked so much today my calves won’t stop twitching, but it was a good walk on the beach. Once again

8 Jan

Must… Stop… Now…

WordPress is tedious, frustrating, maddening, eating up all my waking hours figuring it out… argh! I now have 5 New

3 Dec

San Diego in a nutshell

Saturday: Alejandro’s Mexican Restaurant – they know shrimp cocktail and margaritas Sunday: Cuyamaca Rancho State Park to Julian, CA (elevation

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