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15 Feb

Barefoot strides toward the goal!

Great Monday so far! Maybe I’m just feeling energized by all the good feelings of love for Valentine’s Day —

4 Feb

Wherein I tell myself it’s okay… it’s the first week.

Tired of being tired, sore as all get out, yet realizing a great cure for soreness is activity, today I

3 Feb

This hump is right on schedule

Eat less and move more. Eat less. Move more. How much more basic of a system could there be? Why

2 Feb

“We missed a meal! Must be time to hibernate!” — my brain

Day two wasn’t exactly up and at ‘em, but as I think I mentioned on Facebook already, when the alarm

1 Feb

One day down, 631 to go… and the world still turns.

It’s almost midnight, so clearly the sleep schedule is still wonky here, but I am happy to say that this

31 Jan

Must be nerves, and what I could get if I had all that money back…

It’s just after 8pm on the last day of January, 2010, and my stomach is twitchy wondering what ominous thing

30 Jan

Project 40

90 lbs in 90 weeks should be reasonable for anybody, right? February 2010 begins the 90 week countdown to my

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