Chris Cornell drool over

With Chris Cornell, it's an unholy attraction, and it's been going on for a very long time. Ever since I heard about the rare bonus cd SOMMS, packaged in limited numbers with Badmotorfinger, I had the nick "Sommster" on AOL. I still recall getting harassed about my profile... occupation was something like "first alternate hoochi-mamma for Chris Cornell." Having lost that nick long ago, "Sommstress" now gets some use, but fear not. Though the names may not be common knowledge anymore, the fascination remains. Here are some images I've collected, in order of most recent at the top. LOVE the one from jailbait 1989. THAT is my boy. I still remember where I was when I heard Soundgarden broke up... Pizza Hut, Ringold Rd., Chattanooga, with Shawn, Rodney and Jake. Jake tells me, and Shawn in his infinite sympathy says something like "Wow, maybe now he'll get all depressed and get divorced and you'll have a chance to comfort him."