8 Jan

Must… Stop… Now…

WordPress is tedious, frustrating, maddening, eating up all my waking hours figuring it out… argh!

I now have 5 New Years Eve DVDs ready to, 3 to send for Birthdays this weekend, 1 for JT’s Dad and 1 for his mom/grandparents. We’re supposed to disappear this weekend — out of phone/internet contact — to r.e.l.a.x. if we can at a cabin with Kit & Bob in north Georgia. Checkout leaves us on the road fairly early Sunday, and we’re debating popping on up to Ringgold to drop off a couple DVDs of the show.

I, of course, need to buy more blank DVDs.

I still have work items to complete.
I still have to pack.
I still have to get birthday cards to go with the DVDs… and DVD mailers… and mail them…

And here it is again, midnight-thirty and my brain is wired from another full day-evening planted in front of the computer doing interesting/frustrating things.

I need to wind down and sleep, so I can get up and finish things, so we can … relax.

Yeah, wish me luck.

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