28 Feb


28 Feb

Who says good things don’t start on Thursdays…

it’s the last day of Feb and it’s a Thurs.. so what? It’s as good a day as any to restart the only diet that ever really worked for me, so I did it.

Anyway… interesting concert possibility? 12th is a Tuesday… I’m up for it.. and it’s like $8. Anybody in?

27 Feb


I think I found a web page guaranteed to keep me smiling. Check it out! Princess Bride Quotes =)

Why does watching this movie make me want to play dark age just so I can make a giant-type character and name him Fezzik?

Fezzik: We face each other as God intended. Sportsmanlike. No tricks, no weapons, skill against skill alone.
Man in Black: You mean, you’ll put down your rock and I’ll put down my sword, and we’ll try and kill each other like civilized people?
Fezzik: [brandishing rock] I could kill you now.
Man in Black: I think the odds are slightly in your favor at hand fighting.
Fezzik: It’s not my fault being the biggest and the strongest. I don’t even exercise.

I think I may get kicked out of the “girl” club if I even consider making a Dark Age character, though… *sigh* I know.. I’ll use the excuse that I need to rebuild my primary pc first! Yeah! This crazy expensive piece of machinery that’s laying around in parts… there’s a project to keep me occupied first.

Anyway… I am FREEZING to death sitting at this computer. Must move around. Maybe I’ll do some housework for a break….. did I really just say that? Perhaps I’m getting feverish again…

27 Feb

“As you wish…”

Damn is Carey Elwes hot… um.. er… um…

This apartment sucks! It’s so freaking cold! That’s all I need, get over being sick and then have the weather turn freezing so I get sick again. Not this white girl, I’m staying in, and fortifying with OJ and hot soup.

Have nothing but tedious work to do that is as good done from here as there in the remote ice-box called work. They scheduled a GREAT time to have people come work on the heating and air units and cut big holes in the ceiling.

Ugh. I really need to see somebody about these manic/depressive mood swings. Wish I could just blame it on PMS. “No more rhymes now.. I mean it!” — “Anybody want a peanut?”

Oh well… work calls.

26 Feb

Tuesday blah

Nothing like a little “shotgun song” to make the morning go better… Just realized I was dancing in my seat to the headphones… thankfully I don’t think I was spotted.

Tearing through these work projects this morning… thanking the coffee gods again. Had to throw out my last rose, though… perhaps I’ll hit the grocery store for some weeds later to fill this vase. I’ll just keep myself in flowers at work.

Oh well… back to work. Just stopping to appreciate Thug Luv.

25 Feb

oh.. and btw..

Anybody interested in taking a Jealousy test… try this one at Discovery Health.

My overall was 34, which I thought wasn’t bad out of 100, when Mr. Cool, JamesT has to go and get a 14. Always knew he was a trusting sap… er um… I mean Self Confident individual. =)

Luv u, honey…. =)

25 Feb

dunno what was in the water…

but i feel hella lot better. i think i can actually BREATHE! There is a serious reduction in the amount of snot trying to choke me…. and this is the craziest part… for like the first time in over a week.. no freaking headache! WAHOO!

Of course… I do hear Jim upstairs sneezing and complaining how cold it is in here. Hope James stays well to do well on his test in the a.m. … He’ll do great.. he’s destined to be a Solaris 8 sys admin, and don’t need no “steeeeenking” certificates to tell him so.

Well, time to get back on the diet and exercise bandwagon… think i’ll go do some yoga before bed. Damn i feel better. I want to party!


24 Feb

summer and sun…

Just pondering things that “belong” together, I guess…

Anyway.. other than a nagging head-cold that won’t give me peace, been an okay weekend so far. Took out a truckload of trash and unpacked boxes, without the truck… annoyed the heck out of some people practicing tennis with my repeated trips carrying stuff to the dumpster by the courts and tossing it, all clangy and banging down into it. Got looks several times…. like I care.

Saw Queen of the Damned and enjoyed it quite a bit… not that I can say it was excellent, just that I have a weakness for tragically beautiful characters like that, and didn’t mind the soundtrack either. They really did Lestat as a rockstar the way I would have loved it…. much better than me reading the book in the late 80s thinking, oh god, he’s joined Journey or something…

I’ll blame it on weakness from being sick, but also couldn’t manage to get up from the couch or change the channel, so I watched 3000 Miles to Graceland, and enjoyed it, too. Pleasantly surprised by the soundtrack, and just stunned by the body double for Courtney Cox.. I mean, she’s attractive, but that pan up the bed on the rear view of “her” in bed.. Yeah, right that’s Courtney Cox.. she wishes. In my mind, that body double just STUCK OUT as phony…

Anyway… The tattoo trip didn’t go as planned. When we picked designs, it turns out they want several hours to torture us/er draw them, so we had to make appointments. Now it seems we will have to reschedule our appointments, too, for next week… but we’ve got $100 deposit down, so we’re going to do it.

Thanks to Buffyfan for the turn on to Cibo Matto – Sugar Water.

Anyway.. to quote.. “Better go get ready, $sigother is due home soon” and we’ve got tickets to David Copperfield.

21 Feb

dark side of the matrix?

from kalemachka

It is uncanny.

Last night at a party, infandous2 put on THE MATRIX with the sound off, and cued up Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon to kick in just as the words “follow the white rabbit” appear on the character’s computer screen.

Then it all syncs up with the music, right on the beat. Scenes, POV changes, action, it is freaky. I know there’s a tradition of doing that with Wizard of OZ, but then again, isn’t the land of Oz a kind of Artificial reality, too?

So I urge you to try this. Go get the film, and the CD of Dark Side of the Moon, and play them together. In fact, get drunk or stoned too, in order to take down your resistance to synchronicity. If it works for you too, spread the word…

So…. When we trying this out?

21 Feb

Kava Flashbacks!

Look what I found! And there’s plenty of time to ship it here pre-Jimmy’s birthday, since we all know HE’D love to try some again!

Man, that was some nasty stuff.

Me — “Man, you don’t sip it… you chug it, then suck on the piece of coconut.”
Him — “Eww, I don’t like coconut, and this stuff tastes like mud. Uh oh.. where’s the bathroom?”
Me — “Who can tell in this place, there’s like one light bulb and it’s up front..”
Him — “Well, I’m going that way, and I’ll find someplace to go, bathroom or not.”
Me — **chuckle** as he heads off into the darkness.

/end flashback

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