24 Jan

life’s little kicks in the ass..

Still no DSL at home, so here’s the recap of last night.. went home still limping on my ankle only to find that my Dance Dance Revolution and Dance Mat had arrived. The Timing! So, of course, I had to try it. Guess what.. ankle gave out.. again. Surprise? No, me either. It will be fun, though, i can already tell. Just gotta hide it for a few days so I’m not tempted to try until this ankle feels better.

On the morning front… Okay, I know I’m an old fart, but how old does it make you feel that somebody you saw in concert in a huge arena in the height of their popularity are now playing some little country-western dive bar. I’m talking about 38 Special. I’m just nostalgic because that was my first REAL concert. Real, as in, not just some band we saw playing at the state fair or something. I wanted to go, saved money to buy tickets, and went to a real arena. It was big for me, i was in seventh grade.

Now: 38 SPECIAL at Cowboys Atlanta in Kennesaw Event Date: 02/15/2002

It’s enough to make you want to go home and crawl in a hole.

Of course, why should that make me feel old. This ticketmaster also says Neil Diamond is still touring.. not like I swooned over HIM as a teenager. Still, I think I may have to score tickets to Drowning Pool at the Roxy just to balance out my age vs. concerts dilemma.

23 Jan

yatta yatta yatta

kettle korn is a phenomenon. who knew one little bag of popcorn could draw people from cubicles in other parts of the building to come see what “smells like a bakery.”

Anyway.. finally getting to work on a non-real-estate related website for work, and it’s just sucking. All the cheeseball elements they want are so 5 years ago. I thought this would be more fun…

Oh well.. about time to go home and face more unpacking. Will the joy never end?

23 Jan


ewww.. i loaned a buddy a book and he just confessed to me that he hasn’t had much time to read it because he limits it to bathroom reading only! I told him it was tmi, he didn’t get it. So then I told him that according to Seinfeld, he should really buy that book off me. He can’t in good conscience just return it to me after admitting it accompanies him regularly to the john. He hadn’t seen that one, he still doesn’t get it. “it’s not like I defecated ON the book!” he said….. give it up, George, i said.


23 Jan


stupid shoes. turned my ankle over … again.. same ankle.. fell right inside the damn bank over lunch hour. Had quite an audience.. if it hadn’t hurt so much, I’d have taken a nice bow. damn it.

23 Jan

what a day!

wow.. sitting here, bebopping, pseudo working, wondering when lunch is coming.. and some nice person taps me on the shoulder and hands me a chikfilet chicken biscuit. =)

23 Jan

just on a weird note..

sat down to start watching the old Twin Peaks tv show last night, now that it’s out on DVD. That is one screwy, convoluted, mess of a show, but it’s strangely attractive… I guess that’s typical of most David Lynch stuff.

is it just me or did Angelo Badalamenti-whatever sell that soundtrack music to the Final Fantasy people.. somewhere around FF7?

23 Jan


what an interesting morning… life in cubicleland has some good points, such as the ability to overhear conversations. it’s all work related gossip that wont mean anything here, but interesting none-the-less.

wonder how long i should sit here pretending to work today before i tell somebody that i’m done with all my current projects and my inbox is sitting empty. hrm. maybe i’ll tell them tomorrow.

22 Jan

and another thing…

yet another thing I hate about this schedule conflict between james and I.. I get off work at 5ish, he knows that, yet he manages to eat “lunch” at 4, so he’s not hungry. So much for my non-home-cooked meal and a movie idea. “So did you go by the apartment today?” it’s 4:45pm, btw. “No, but I planned to before I came home.” Uhuh…. am I dumb to be annoyed that he doesn’t arrange his day around when I’ll be home? Since he has ALL DAY while I’m at work to do things… and EGAD, what a bitch I sound like. This was a dumb rant. He isn’t psychic, he doesn’t know what a shitty day it’s been or how depressed I might feel.. no reason to expect flowers, dinner, and a hug. Going out to eat solo is just icing for this day, though. Icing.

22 Jan

I hate horror-scopes..

With all this marriage talk in the air… this is what I’m greeted by today when I take my little goof-off break at work..

“You may be locking yourself into a cage if you are not careful, dear Scorpio. Make sure you have an escape route planned out. Try not to jump to conclusions too quickly. You might get the feeling like you are being boxed in. This constriction is apt to make you spring into action without really considering all the options. Don’t jump the gun. Be patient and wait until the tension is released, and then take another step forward.”

This after my mom says to me.. “You didn’t put your name on the lease, too, did you?” As in.. how are you supposed to leave if you did? Um.. wasn’t planning on leaving, mom, universe, whoever… You trying to tell me something?

22 Jan

survived the relocation!

Well, we are relocated. Sorta got my own space set up, on the main floor, away from the entertainment center and the other computers. Hopefully it will be “private” enough to get some writing done. Wanted it in the bedroom, but I think that’s just not going to work out for now.

I knew we’d manage to spread out and occupy all that space from this bigger apartment. Good thing I resisted the urge to order furniture pre-move. It’ll probably take us a month to get everything sorted out. The place is.. weird. I like it, but it doesn’t really feel like where we live yet.

On the bright side, the 15 extra miles I added to my commute aren’t so bad. Traffic is a little heavy to start with, but generally still the lighter “going away from town” traffic that I’m used to. I’m still the 80-90 mph, bobbing-weaving, head-banging, morning speeder that I always was. I love my car =)

To recap.. the move was … all right. Everyone seems to think hiring movers will be the only way to go from now on, since this went so smooth.. of course, EVERYONE didn’t seem to get as stressed about packing things up for the movers as I did. For anyone reading this, keep in mind this is MY POV only and I was under stress, but it sure felt like I did a hella lot of packing on my own that COULD have gone a lot smoother with help.. and I sure did a lot of thinking about how many hours went into saving the Final Fantasy world instead of packing, and even how much “sleeping in” was done on moving day.. and how I wanted to go postal on one particular couple that I heard giggling in their unpacked room all morning with the clock ticking down to movers coming. Like I said.. stressed. I just kept thinking, I am not the only person who uses this bathroom, this shower, these closets, this bedroom, this living room, this kitchen, etc.. yet I am the only one who will pack them. Not to mention “MY desk” which was MY responsibility. Jim got “HIS” room packed. James got “HIS desk”.. well, most of it and HIS entertainment center packed.. and that was it. OH, but he had to work all weekend during the move.. can’t expect him to work all night and pack all day can we? No. No we can’t. Not at all. But.. my mind lingers on those 4 days off PRE working/moving weekend, and how much of that time went into Final Fantasy. BUT.. it’s done. I WAS angry.. I keep replaying in my mind a little argument about Wednesday where “I’ve packed as much as YOU have!” was said to me.. “Yes,” I thought, “but I work during the week and am off the weekend. You are off during the week and work weekend. SO.. I KNOW when I’m going to be packing, when are YOU going to be packing” .. but I said.. “Whatever.” Does nobody think ahead? Just seemed childish and inconsiderate to me. I KNOW he was stressed about moving as much as I was. BUT, come on…

Ick.. enough dumb ranting. I’m really not mad anymore. I really wasn’t mad then.. just accepting. It’s like Jimmy told me a long time ago… I was complaining that I have turned into “housewife” because I cook, I clean, I do laundry.. if it gets picked up, it’s by me or else it sits where it is until it molds. There is no division of chores. There is no help unless I ask for it specifically. Nobody takes the initiative to just DO the dishes or take out the trash… they will HELP if I ASK, but I feel like Mommy ordering people to do their chores, so why the hell don’t I just do it myself. SO, I complained to Jim once, and he said to me “you get your rent paid for in that place by him, the least you can do is the housework to compensate.” I guess I understand that point of view. I guess it may seem fair. But believe me, I’d rather pay my share of rent and divide duties any damned day. I hate housework, it makes me a miserable, bitter, wreck.

Anyway.. I guess I just accepted that the same was true about moving.. he pays, I pack. C’est la vie. I guess all I am really complaining about is the notion that everyone else is oblivious to the situation. I mean.. does he acknowledge that I do these things and not him? OR does he just notice when I get busy and DONT do these things and they pile up? And now what happens.. I do believe I am supposed to be paying a share of the rent at this new place… how’s that gonna work?

I think I can tell you how… for anybody reading this… first, I LOVE YOU! but second, Remember where that box of cereal was when you got it out to get some? Why not put it back up there when you’re done, eh? And hey! Here’s a thought.. if it’s empty, put it in the trash can. And HEY, if the trash can is full, CHANGE it, THEN put it in the trash can. And third, Thanks.

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