15 Oct


I still miss this giant chicken and his giant legs and his future flawless delivery orders to our home potential.

from flickr longest yard sale 2011 set
THIS also should have come home with us. Once again, we could have been the house with the 12 foot tall chicken. The “other” big chicken. We’d be set for any kind of home deliveries, I tell you.

14 Oct

Please don’t sue

Yes, I’m in the percentile who still finds lolcatz cute and funny, and often fully able of expressing exactly what I want to say. So sue me. (Please don’t sue me!)

13 Oct


Taylor Black Ankle Boot! Want!

13 Oct

Today’s groove

Today’s groove: Heaven (Nicolas Jaar Remix) – Kasper Bjorke

10 Oct

everybody in this town is high

Grandfather Mountain - Mile High Swinging Bridge

As evidenced by the photos from this weekend, a couple of us are having a hard time faking smiles these days. Probably would have been better not to try. Maybe soon that’ll get better. Hopefully soon.

9 Oct

feeling it

David Gilmour & David Bowie – Comfortably Numb (live)

“your lips move, but I can`t hear what you say…”

9 Oct

get off my lawn

(3:14:11 PM) theflerlyone: so are you still not busy?
(3:14:23 PM) theflerlyone: because i have a stupid observation to make
(3:14:35 PM) bsdn jamest: Ooookay?
(3:14:42 PM) theflerlyone: Spotify — have you used it?
(3:14:48 PM) bsdn jamest: nope
(3:14:52 PM) theflerlyone: everyone’s new awesome music source
(3:15:34 PM) theflerlyone: it can read your own music libraries, even iTunes, plus it has a metric ton of music to stream… and it lets you create playlists and such
(3:16:27 PM) theflerlyone: it looks kind of like iTunes… but anyway… the FREE version has ads… which aren’t too annoying except that i just noticed that even if you happen to be using it to play only your own local music files, it will still play ads
(3:17:01 PM) theflerlyone: which leads me to wonder why would one ever use that feature to play your own local music through it if it just adds commercials to your playlists
(3:17:33 PM) bsdn jamest: how much is the paid version?
(3:17:46 PM) theflerlyone: So henceforth i shall call this software STUPIFY instead of SPOTIFY and continue to be baffled by why anybody is impressed with it
(3:17:59 PM) bsdn jamest: ****bsdn jamest nods
(3:18:03 PM) theflerlyone: hold on, let me hit the GIANT upgrade button and find out
(3:18:31 PM) bsdn jamest: heh
(3:18:37 PM) theflerlyone: $5 a month for no ads version
(3:18:59 PM) theflerlyone: $10 a month for mobile use and “offline mode” for your playlists that might include music you don’t own
(3:18:59 PM) bsdn jamest: can you save any of the music for offline play?
(3:19:07 PM) bsdn jamest: ahhh
(3:19:16 PM) theflerlyone: but it doesn’t add them to your library
(3:20:00 PM) theflerlyone: oh, and apparently the free version limits how many and how often you can stream their songs
(3:20:11 PM) theflerlyone: which i hadn’t realized in 3 days of using it but had to read just now
(3:20:54 PM) theflerlyone: i am, of course, playing a lot of my own music with it… but bleh. this realization makes me feel old. Why don’t I understand why people like this thing?
(3:21:23 PM) bsdn jamest: …Lousy kids and their music
(3:21:34 PM) theflerlyone: i think it’s about lazy kids and their music
(3:22:01 PM) theflerlyone: who bothers to actually have their own copy of anything when everything they want to hear is found immediately in the ether via some service
(3:22:09 PM) theflerlyone: over their awesome phone speakers
(3:25:10 PM) bsdn jamest: But it’s got Dre BEATS speakers!! I know that they’re only 5mm in size, but DRE!!
(3:25:46 PM) theflerlyone: we are totally going to be those old people
(3:25:52 PM) theflerlyone: you know… THOSE old people
(3:25:53 PM) bsdn jamest: seriously

8 Oct

padres vs giants

“You are wearing the wrong shirts”

7 Oct

Fitflop Hyka Boot! Want!

Fitflop Hyka Boot! Want!

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