2 Aug

Armadebtdon 2011


1) I have been wearing out my phone battery checking CNN constantly for updates on debt ceiling negotiations, throughout the day and night

2) I spammed the crap out of my few twitter followers promoting Stephen Colbert’s Super Pac, because it coincided with a plea from the President to tweet your feelings to Congress

3) I was frustrated enough to write to congressmen about the debt ceiling negotiations

4) I have been actively seeking out daily news programming versus just reading headlines and watching Stewart and Colbert

5) I have donated money to Stephen Colbert’s Super Pac, even though I don’t know what he’ll do with it, and the opportunity to see our names scroll across the screen on his show was a mitigating factor.

6) If I’ve been doing other things during these debt ceiling negotiations that didn’t involve me following the updates voraciously, I was probably acting like anĀ  addict jonesing for a hit — or secretly checking my phone, see number 1.

What I want to know is, has the political system in this country gone insane or is this just me finally accepting life as a grown up? For 30 I went to Hawaii. I guess for 40 I’ll go to the hospital for my ulcers.

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