31 Jul

La Venganza De Los Sith… La Rivinicta dei Sith…

Today’s language lesson courtesy bittorrent. meh.

So fricking tired. Whirlwind visit to Chattavegas saw us doing yardwork and cleaning out gutters at the grandparents house, so as to leave the grandfather no excuse to get out of bed during his two-week, doctor-suggested recoup time. He’s out of the hospital, but was referred to a sleep specialist for his “suffocation” problem. Two attempts to do an uninterrupted sleep apnea test on him in the hospital resulted in two sleepless nights full of idiots who kept waking him up. Meh.. hospitals.

Ugh.. brain not working. Too sleeeeeepy. Goodbye, July.

29 Jul

Nice welcome home, Atlanta

Toxic smog?!? That settles it. I vote we look for employment in San Diego. The ATL is ticking me off.

So, yeah… home, busy, probably heading to Chattanooga to visit JT’s grandfather in the hospital. Haven’t really talked to anyone since I’ve been back. Mostly been getting over this sleeping sickness I seem to have acquired. Enough said… back to work.

25 Jul

Mai Tai’s on the bay…

Just wanted to record tonight’s two great drunken screwed-up phrases:

You guys are peas of a feather.


Isn’t that just the pot calling the kettle weird!

i r sleep deprived. leave for home tomorrow 10pm pdt. fly all night. ugh.

25 Jul

because I have the time…

Looks like nephew D has let his motorcycle sit too long, as it would not start this morning for him. Thus here I sit, listening for Ivy to wake up and waiting for sis to get back from dropping off niece at work, so we can keep the jeep. Since I had the time, I figured I’d record a few tidbits about the trip.

1) Lane splitting on the freeway is freaking me out. D was talking about people he knew who smacked themselves on car mirrors as they tried to pass, which seemed a very obvious concern when, after several sport bikes passed us, we saw the guy on the chopper with his ape-hangers. He looked WAY too wide to go between the traffic. Me, I’m just wondering why they don’t hear on the news every day here that another biker has been flattened by the crazy, barely signaling, always merging traffic.

2) My niece pointed out that California drivers in an ending lane, who are supposed to merge with traffic, just do it. It is generally the attitude that it is the responsibility of whomever is in the resulting lane to “make a hole” for the mergers, because usually… the merging traffic doesn’t even look. Verily, I say it is true and more than a little freaky to behold.

3) There are signs on the highway by the border depicting a family running (man, woman, and child being dragged behind). No text, just the image, but the “beware of people running across the highway by the border” message is pretty clear. We haven’t seen any, though on the trip to Tijuana Dennis, Angela, & Ivy attempted to recreate the pose for a picture.

4)Right now it is 68 degrees, with a SW 3mph wind. Today’s high will be 73, with an expected WSW 10mph wind. Blue skies. Absofuckinglutely gorgeous… clearly, I must live someplace with this ocean-breeze.

5) Yesterday afternoon we parked by the border and walked into Tijuana to find a good taco stand. We walk because it is apparently “risky” to take your vehicle into the country, thus Mexican insurance drive-thrus are all over, so that for $5 your car is covered there. “Risky?” I asked and was told: they don’t exactly have distinct lanes on their roads. Anywho, walking was nice, with every spare inch of space near the US border packed with booths of wares. In the end, though, five people, 24 tacos, roasted onions, 4 margaritas (which come with a shot of tequila extra), a beer, and two uber-cokes for $18. A huge bagful of souvenirs I won’t disclose, $20 after haggle. A stop at the Mexican Starbucks equivalent for three coffees for the way back, $20. Some things don’t change due to borders.

24 Jul

Quickie from San Diego…

Little past the halfway point of the trip, so I can say it does not take long to get used to this weather. So far, driven all around the city, went to a comedy club and a bar in the gaslamp district, explored a couple navy bases (including a tour of nephew Dennis’ boat), and what started out as a trip to the casino ended up as an evening spent in Tijuana, eating tacos and drinking uber-sweet Mexican Cokes. Hopefully I got a decent snapshot of the surly bartender in his “Fuck you, you fucking fuck — Tijuana, B.C. Mexico” T-shirt. Could not find one for sale…

Tomorrow the locals have to work, so we’re exploring on our own via the trolley. Old Town, Fashion Valley, souvenir hunting I guess… Doesn’t really matter what we do so long as it’s outdoors in this ocean breeze.


20 Jul

Live from Iraq

Got word back from :

I am able to check [email] from time to time, but it is costing me money to do so. Don’t expect rapid replies for a while yet. I’m trying to get acclimated, but as I said in my LJ posts, the heat is absolutely brutal. Don’t think it has been under 100 degrees since I got here (and that was at night). It is like walking into an oven every time I go outside. The air in the barracks is crappy, too, so I have to sleep in 90 degree temps. Overall, the last 2 weeks have been lessons in misery.

I haven’t actually had to do any real work yet, just stand in lines and fill out paperwork. Hurry up and wait is the motto for the military apparently. I’ll be more accessible in a few days once I finally get deployed to my site

Feebly, I sent him back word I’d keep on top of his usual tv stuff for a while and wished him an early Happy Birthday for Saturday.

For myself, today, I shall spend it finishing tickets, doing a last load of laundry, and finally packing.

And because it was funny, a link to ‘s LOTR:Fellowship summary for people with ADD. The line by Saruman: “See, all I had to do was cross out “Good” on my business cards and write “Bad,” and I’m all set” had me laughing out loud.

19 Jul

Eleven Great Ways to Get Motivated to Exercise

You know you’ve got to get moving. You resolve to park the car a few blocks from work, take the stairs, and hit the gym after work. But a few weeks pass and before you know it, parking spots start opening up right in front of the building, the elevator is already in the lobby, and you’ve worked late every night that week. It’s not that you don’t know how to get fit, you just can’t seem to stay motivated. We all know people who are religious with their workouts. So, what’s their secret?

We asked fitness experts and regular Joes alike how they stick with their routine. These methods keep them moving; maybe one will work for you.

1. Embarrass Yourself
Make a mark on your calendar every time you make it to the gym or park. Seeing your motivation (or lack thereof) in black and white helps keep you going. Suzanne Schlosberg and Liz Neporent, authors of Fitness for Dummies, Second Edition (IDG Books Worldwide, Inc., 2000), suggest “whether you write your goals on the side of your shoe or in your training diary, glancing at them on a daily basis will help keep you focused and motivated. Some people tape their goals to their bathroom mirror or refrigerators.” Do whatever works to make you remember what you promised yourself.

2. Join a Club That Wouldn’t Have You for a Member
So you’re not Steffi Graf. That doesn’t mean you can’t join a tennis team. Richard Cotton, chief exercise physiologist for the American Council on Exercise, says “joining a club, team or finding an exercise partner … provides a support system and someone to simply share the experience with. Often times just knowing someone will be asking you ‘How’s it going?’ can be the difference between exercise success and failure.”

3. Love Thy Neighbor and Love Thyself
You can’t leave a neighbor standing on the corner checking her watch. She knows where you live. Miriam Nelson, director of the Center for Physical Fitness at Tufts University and the author of Strong Women Stay Young and Strong Women Stay Slim (Bantam Doubleday Dell, 1999), says, “When I make a date with a neighbor to go for a run I keep it, and we have a great time.” She also plans a regular appointment with her neighbors. “Saturday mornings several of my neighbors come over and we lift weights together; it’s a great way to start the weekend,” she says.

4. Challenge Yourself
Working toward an event — like a 5K walk or run, or an overnight bike trip to a faraway bed and breakfast — keeps you on track. Every time you exercise you’ll be closer to meeting your goal. “The minute you mail in your entry fee, you’ll have a whole new sense of purpose. And the feeling of accomplishment you get from completing your event is like nothing else,” say Schlosberg and Neporent.

5. Dance, Dance, Dance
“Music is a fantastic motivator,” says Michael Olajide Jr., a former professional boxer and inventor of Aerobox workout routines. “It can push you to do more and to exercise longer, even longer than you planned.” Who doesn’t get a surge of energy every time they hear their favorite tune? Plus, it’s the perfect excuse to get that new CD.

6. Don’t Count the Miles
“Do not work out to burn calories or lose weight,” says Emme, plus-size model, author and columnist. “There are more important things than burning calories taking place during your workout. Newfound self-esteem and stress reduction are just two positive aspects of many that come to mind.” If you’re always focusing on burning off your morning doughnut, of course exercise seems like a chore. Try exercising for the sake of your health, not your body.

7. Find the Fun
Forget about the “no pain, no gain” attitude. “The mind, body and soul connection is very important here, don’t forget to have fun,” says Emme. Pick an activity you’ve always loved, like biking or walking outdoors. The more enjoyable it is, the more likely you’ll stick with it.

8. Make It a Family Affair
“When I go for a run I entice one of my kids to go with me — he or she goes on their bike and I run. It’s a great way to be together with my kids,” says Miriam Nelson. Who better to egg you on than the ones who love you best!

9. Learn to Love Lycra
“Buying snazzy new workout shorts or comfy new cross-trainers can really get you fired up to work out, ” say Schlosberg and Neporent. Once you realize how much better the right equipment makes a workout, you’ll be loving your sports bra as much as soccer star Brandi Chastain.

10. Dive for Dollars
Money is the ultimate motivator. Put a dollar in a jar every time you make it to the gym. At the end of a month, treat yourself to a massage. You’ll be at the gym more often than the trainers.

11. It’s About Time
“My mood motivates me to work out, so timing is everything,” says Kathy Kaehler, personal trainer and author. If you aren’t up for a workout don’t feel guilty about postponing. On the other hand, exercise has been known to improve a bad mood. Work out your aggressions in the gym instead of at home or work.

18 Jul

ice, ice, baby

So, Mr. Thornton is finally having to see a dentist today to deal with his own nasty wisdom tooth pains. It’s been a fun weekend for him, I’m sure. Ugh. Well, how good cold felt on his jaw meant we splurged on milkshakes one day and Baskin-Robbins the next. Yum!

Amazon did manage to have my book delivered ON the release day, so that was nice. Because I’m a freak, though, I also picked up a greatly discounted copy of the book on CD, just because I love Jim Dale and listening to his animated read of Harry Potter on road trips is one of my favorite things. Makes for some potential Mom visits for her to look forward to. Couldn’t stand to wait through the 17 cd’s to get the story, so had to devour the written word already, but… well. I’m glad I did. I’d already caught some spoilers on the book via LJ friends, anyway, though spoilers don’t generally bother me too much.

Three days of work left then it’s time to fly. Sis will be here Wednesday evening to sleep over so we can leave at the crack of dawn Thursday. I let her know I’d already read the HP6 book so she could take it on the trip, which she said she had been counting on… but as it turns out, she ran across a copy down there without pre-ordering, so she went ahead and picked it up. Wonder how much she’ll laugh at me for listening to the book on cd on the plane. Of course, she may not notice — she said she’s fighting a nasty sinus infection, and wasn’t looking forward to how it would feel to fly with it. She figured she might just try drinking until passing out on the plane. Does anyone know if it’s legal to take a flask on an airplane? If it is, I may have to consult Mr.TheMad about borrowing one of his, for medicinal purposes, of course.

Me, today, I get to head to my own quick doc appointment just before JT hits the dentist. I guess I’ll be standing by to hear if he needs a ride. Oh well.. best get to it.

15 Jul

Strangely out of touch…

I gave them 10 minutes of silent speaker phone, then hung up. No notice of cancellation of the call and no one on MSN to harass about it. Makes me wonder what I’m missing. Seems like we have a company calendar someplace… wonder where I saved that info.

My doctor and the general health insurance world are also ticking me off. Found out yesterday the doctor won’t be stocking my shots anymore, so that now when I need one, I have to call the doctor, they call the pharmacy, I go pick up the shot at the pharmacy, bring it to the doc, they’ll administer the shot. They said they had to do it because insurance is refusing to pay for the cost of the shot, which we’ve known about for over a year now. Usually, they send me a bill afterwards for the cost, which I pay — though I’ve offered every time to pay it on the spot in person, but they said they HAVE to run it through insurance first, even though they know it will be declined. So yesterday the receptionist tells me their NEW plan, where I go pick up and pay for the shot and thus save them from the whole submit-it-to-insurance-and-then-bill-me bit. Whatever… Just, give me a little warning, eh? Especially since this is time sensative and you’ve just added another day to the process.


Today: Pharmacy, doc visit, fitness eval, bankdeposit, vacuum, buy litter box containers so I can change it, continue going through pile of new template documentation that FedEx delivered yesterday. Enjoy Friday.

Plus: This is their person of the week?

14 Jul

I only preordered ONE copy of the book…

So why does Amazon have to send me the exact same update notice every couple hours?

“Your Harry Potter Order Is on Schedule”

Thank you. Still? Nothing has changed since the last time you sent this exact notice, first at 6:02AM, then at 8:47AM, and now at 11:52AM? You still haven’t figured out how to get it to me on the day it releases? Oh well… it’s the price I pay for being too lazy to go to the store in person.

Hello from Amazon.com.

We’re happy to let you know that we’ve begun preparing your order for “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” for delivery.

We’re working hard to make sure you get your order as quickly as possible. However, please note that we can’t guarantee that your book(s) will be delivered on July 16.

You’ll receive our usual shipment confirmation e-mail after your package leaves our fulfillment center.

Thanks for shopping at Amazon.com, and happy reading!

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