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is it Monday already?

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, January 17, 2002 at 8:53 am by flerly.

It’s Thursday, for me.. day before “TGIF”, which means I can look forward to the weekend. For James, though, this is his first night of work for the week.. his “Monday”. I’m not looking forward to finishing up this packing while he is working/sleeping on his weird schedule. Either he’s gonna end up sleeping in a room while i leave it alone, or he isn’t going to get much sleep for me packing. I don’t know. We’ll see how it turns out.

Another night of half-asleepness. Talked for a while about the concert.. and he agrees that every song sounds the same. Fortunately for them, I sorta like the song they all sound like.. but damned if I can distinguish songs by the similar intros. Don’t they realize that? Well, I never bought a Creed cd. Won the 2nd one from the radio station in Knoxville, but James already had it, and we haven’t even looked at the 3rd one. Yet, with what they play on the radio, we could go to the concert and feel like we’d heard every song. Some Creed fan will probably find this and kick my ass, but oh well. Creed just joined the DMB club, the Collective Soul club, the Counting Crows club…those bands that started off with a sound that I liked, seemed distinct and fresh, and ended up a cd later with a bunch of stuff that I couldn’t distinguish from the older stuff.

Hating this new haircut, too, for the simple reason that if you wash it and don’t dry it .. say you go to bed with wet hair … it is barely long enough, no strike that, it is NOT long enough to pin up in such a way that it dries looking decent.

Welp, last day to work at home for a long time, best get to it. Have things to do.


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