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slack queen

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, July 3, 2003 at 11:45 am by flerly.

I dunno what’s up, Dave. Just mopey. Yes, I do. It’s work. Makes me mopey.

“Billy not here?”
“Um.. haven’t seen him. Oh, here it is. It’s on his calendar he’s going to be sick today. Something about expecting to eat bad Mexican food.”

I think part of the blah is yesterday being so completely blah. Spent it mostly with JamesT again, gym-ing, seeing T3, hanging out… but, well, it was on the verge of a nice sunny day and we were frustrated by not knowing how best to enjoy it. So we didn’t. Well, James took a short motorcycle ride, solo, frustrated that he didn’t make the Georgia Sport Bike group’s posted get together because of the shitty time/location/and traffic. He must have enjoyed his solo ride enough that he deemed it worthwhile to wake up by 7am to meet them for a day ride today.

Speak of the devil…
[11:36] flerly: hey.. i know you
[11:37] Infinite1der: What’s up
[11:37] flerly: mental anguish.. aka. work
[11:37] flerly: you?
[11:37] Infinite1der: Stopped for lunch
[11:37] flerly: where?
[11:37] Infinite1der: Ummm… Morgantown…. Bout 20mi south of copper hill tn
[11:38] flerly: having fun?
[11:38] Infinite1der: Oh yeah
[11:38] flerly: figures
[11:38] flerly: make lots of friends?
[11:38] Infinite1der: 4 of us
[11:39] flerly: sounds good
[11:39] Infinite1der: Yup…
[11:39] flerly: i was just thinking of you
[11:39] Infinite1der: Gonna eat and start head back.
[11:39] flerly: okay.
[11:39] flerly: be safe
[11:39] flerly: but enjoy…
[11:39] Infinite1der: Will do.

Is it lunchtime yet? I want to escape… but I must come back. I’ll probably be in here tomorrow trying to get things set up so I can miss a full week.Think I will sneak off for a bite.


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