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The way it <i>really</i> is…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, July 4, 2003 at 2:37 pm by flerly.

Be realistic. Be reasonable. Don’t be Bridezilla, even on a small scale. Money was the number one concern anyway, so be frugal. It’s too much to spend. Too much could go wrong (where will they be delivered and when.. with the holiday..) What if they never made it? Can’t postpone the reservation. The dress is great. His outfit is great. The leis are just too expensive, who needs them. I’ll have a bouquet anyway. Keep it simple, stupid.

It’s the 4th of July. I have Slender ice cream waiting in the freezer to be a nummy milkshake any minute. JamesT is asleep, with intentions of getting up for Paul’s party and fireworks later. Magoo & John are “out and about”… and I have the afternoon to kill solo, which cannot include laundry, cleaning, or packing, since, well… James is asleep in the bedroom.

So, well.. perhaps a movie is in order. Some couch potato time. Wish it were sunny outside and I could make it reading by the pool time, but I’m sure the pools are crowded anyway with people using the grills. Looks like our next door neighbors are having a big shindig.. got the garage door open and big grill fired up in the parking lot. They’re all sitting around in lawn chairs… in the parking lot… and talking to anyone who wants to drive by.. offering them a cold one out of their cooler… in the parking lot, and generally being very lame since, well… they’re in the freaking parking lot. They have an identical apartment… a patio and two porches and are also in front of a big picnic area with tables which I can clearly see is not in use. But of course, the parking lot is better. And whatever you do, don’t get you’re ass up out of your lawn chair to move it so I can back out of my parking space, because I wouldn’t hit you…. hard.

*sigh* ALRIGHTY THEN… milkshake, movie, couch. Here I come.


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