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Morning, how’s your job going, have a dirty diaper…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, July 16, 2003 at 9:51 am by flerly.

Didn’t want to go to bed, but finally passed out about 2:30ish. Wanted to stay up and online “window shop” for things I want someday… cool furniture mostly.

This morning, woke up late. Didn’t want to get up (usually happens after didn’t want to go to bed). Realized once again that I was up too late to do a workout video before work, and struggled in the semi-dark to find some dress clothes suitable for the anal-probe delivering visitors we’re expecting this week.

At work, I run into a visibly unhappy Jackie. She is mumbling to herself. She complains she is stinking up the whole office trying to help Nicole babysit, since she’s been called into work this week when she was supposed to be off, and thus had to bring her two babies in with her. Nicole was called in to train people to do her job elsewhere, so she can be layed off. Great motivation to be here.

Jackie then tells me that next week the people she is supposed to train will be here, so they can take over accounting someplace else, and Jackie can be layed off. She can’t wait, she mumbles. Then she asks, “So where are you going to be working? I know they’re keeping you. I bet you’ll end up working from home, though. You know they told the sales people not to act any differently. What are they supposed to do, fax orders to a fax machine in a big empty building because everyone’s been layed off?” Then, of course, to punctuate her sentence, she hands me a dirty diaper, wrapped and tied in a garbage bag, and asks if I would throw it in the dumpster out back when I go to the back. I do it, but the significance of the image of me doing shit work here is not lost.

Anywho… time to bury myself in some of the usual shit work.


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