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<i>These five words in my head scream: are we having fun yet?</i>

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, July 18, 2003 at 1:21 pm by flerly.

The answer: Yes and no.

Yes. Marc gave me some Kodak photo sheets to print out some wedding pictures, and they’re WORKING in this lame printer. Go figure. They look nice, too. Kick ass.

No. I’m swamped and surrounded. Spend the whole morning with Glen again going over the ins and outs of what I actually do here, and enjoying the repeated looks of shock on his face and his protests that they can’t get rid of me ever. “We’ll create a new position for you that requires you be on the east coast or something,” he said. “We have to. Otherwise, we’re going to be screwed. We’ll never figure out this stuff.”

Yes. It’s CHEESE day. I am looking forward to it, too.

No. I may have to work a little over the weekend. Add to that out of town visitors, my planned carpet cleaning, our unplanned washer/dryer shopping, James’ only chance to go to the Chamber on a rare Saturday night off, and I think I have a full weekend.

Blah. That’s enough ramble. Better finish some shit so I can leave here today before the cheese gets cold.


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