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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Saturday, July 19, 2003 at 6:07 pm by flerly.

Scorpio: Take a trip to the batting cages or the lap pool. You’ve got angst to get rid of, and you probably should do it in a controlled environment. Take your aggressions out on an inanimate object.

How did they know?

Yeah… this day could be going better. It’s 6pm and a Saturday, and other than the 4 hour nap I took after getting up too early, it’s not the best day off. Jenny is in town, yes. She’s at 6-flags with her friends right now. We decided not to go, because we wanted to take care of our washer/dryer issues. Spent so much time at Sears, problems with the set we wanted, color, etc etc, which ended up with us just getting a dryer for now (which can’t even be delivered until August 1st.) Looks like we’ll be hanging laundry out to dry for a while. I just looked up the washer we wanted on their website, and it says, “Oh yeah, we have it no problem..” but the difference in ordering it online sucks. At the store they’re having a decent sale on the things, but online, yeah.. crap. They’ll even charge us a fortune to deliver it, which we get free from the store. I dunno what we’re gonna do, but we’ll figure it out. Blah.

That whole experience sorta sucked the life out of this day. Well, that and hearing today that one of James’ mom’s dogs has cancer, and they don’t expect it to live to the weekend. Poor pup. They’re not taking it too well.

Well, I wanted to get going on cleaning the carpet, but I’m just blah, so I’m sitting around in front of the pc. I’m thinking we have to stay off the wet carpet anyway, so maybe I should wait until tomorrow to start, so there won’t be a chance of Jenny or folks coming over, and maybe we can go lose ourselves at a movie when we’re done.

Need to kill some time. Wish I would break down and buy that HP5 book in hardback, but I’m too stubborn. =\ Perhaps I’ll go throw a dvd in the player, that usually makes people call or come over.


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