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Yeah.. so, we knew Jenny was lame..

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Sunday, July 20, 2003 at 10:00 pm by flerly.

I guess by not going to six flags, we missed any chance of seeing cousin Jenny this weekend. Oh well. We didn’t find out until after 9pm last night that we didn’t need to have been sitting around all day waiting on her, because she’d already decided she wasn’t staying with us after all. Nice.

So, we get ourselves up, get dressed, and hit the Chamber for pirate night (though neither of us were in pirate costume). Was fun. Glad James finally got to go. Had a good time there, getting him nice and intoxicated for a change =)

Oh well. A lot of time has passed before I finished this. It’s almost 10 now, and we’ve finally started on cleaning the carpet. Read, James is cleaning the carpet while I watch (for now). Boy that thing is loud. With this itty-bitty nozzle on the end, I bet it takes us a week to do all the carpet, too. We’ll both be deaf.

In other news, no I didn’t go in to work at all this weekend. I almost think there is something wrong with me for even thinking about going. Why should I have to go in on weekends to “catch up” from days that were earned vacation. And even if it wasn’t vacation, I was already working some most weekends. It’s just not cool. Not for this job that could lay me off at any moment. I really need to work on my perspective on things.

Since I mentioned I didn’t go do work, I’ll recap the lazy things I did instead: I watched Logan’s Run for the first time. I watched Nat. Lamp.’s: European Vacation for the umpteenth time. I watched Mr. Deed’s (not too shabby) for the first time. And, in honor of Pirate night at the Chamber, we went to see Pirates of the Caribbean. It was pretty long, but I didn’t mind. I really enjoyed it, in spite of the bad seats up front and the children too young to have been brought to that movie. I didn’t think it was meant to be a kiddie movie, really. I still want to see 28 Days Later, Charlie’s Angels 2, and especially the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Heck, I still haven’t seen the Hulk, so I guess that’d be cool, too.

Blah, now I’m just babbling. Better get off here and go see if it’s my turn to run the green machine.


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