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!, you’re dead.

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, July 21, 2003 at 3:41 pm by flerly.

I’m a geek, even in my dreams it seems.

Along with the bang dream, I had a weird mix of dreams about losing my job in various ways, strangers hiding in our apartment, and my front teeth rotting out over the course of a day. Yeah. I’m a weirdo.

I need a break. I want to leave early, but I’ve committed myself to finish too many things today. Not more than 8 hours worth of stuff, but damn I’d like to get out of here w/o actually doing 8 hours work. That’d be nice.

Ugh. WHY am I so tired?!?! I want to go home and sleeeeep. Apparently all those movies I watched over the weekend wore me out. =\ Perhaps I should go home and exercise for a change. Blah.. Better get back to it.

Addendum: DUH! I forgot to mention the funniest thing that happened all day. At some point over the weekend we had database problems and thus this morning found all of our sites non-functional. The database that drives what our dynamic code bits resolves to was d-e-a-d, kaput. Funnier still, the web servers and the home pages were still pulling up mostly correct (give or take a quick search not appearing on the homepage as ordered) so most customers had no idea what was going on. None of the links resolved to anything, though. Funnier even still, remember that post last week about all our databases being under the sole supervision of Greg? Well, dear Greg was still in the process of using up sick days prior to giving notice, and thus was not here. From what I hear, they had to call and beg him to come in today to fix things, at which point he apparently quit outright. Then they were really begging, and I believe he’s getting some sort of consulting wage now that he is in here today fixing things. Don’t know how that was all arranged, but laughed my ass off at the whole thing. Afterall, the Atlanta office is superfluous. FNIS doesn’t need us. Nope. Not at all.

Until shit breaks, of course. =)



  1. piskie has made a Comment

    a) i posted this on aprils journal, but everyone seems to be having weird dreams lately, even in japan. i dreamt i was pregnant. my boyfriend and i were freaking out about how to pay for and how wed take care of our kid. then all of a sudden (a very gestault moment) i realized i could just get an abortion. weird. b) no offense, but eww, i cant stand copland. i tend to blame my dislike for certain music (ie andrew lloyd webber must DIE!) on my mother who raised me on strictly classical music as she was an opera singer in her day, but this one i cant. im sorry mom, i dont like copland.

    July 21, 2003 @ 9:23 am

  2. journal_saurus has made a Comment

    I’ve known several people who set up their own little golden parachutes like that and I think that they should all be shot! There is nothing wrong with going with the part-time nature of consulting work…unless you’re still a full-time employee of the company. The best part is that somewhere in management, they are having a meeting to find out what happened. In their meeting, they will question why one person had all that access and why they weren’t put into the loop. They will decide that they should be included on future decisions so that they can prevent this from happening again…right up unil they get paged at 2:00 in the morning (do those things ever actually break durring normal working hours?) and they sit around all night watching someone else trouble shooting something that they don’t understand at all. When the person actually fixes it…they will just give them full access and tell them to never call them again unless it’s important (and the cycle will start all over again). Hopefully, they will at least grow to appreciate you guys more.

    July 22, 2003 @ 12:37 am

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