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Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, July 29, 2003 at 11:35 am by flerly.

I haven’t even looked at LJ in what feels like a year.

The recap… sinuses have been really bothering me for several days. Really, ever since we started our carpet cleaning plan, so it’s probably allergies, too. Well, worked at home, happily, for several days, then cut out early Friday to go see Mom. There’s not time enough in the day to go into her situation… she is just pitiful. She could really use a little extra income every month. I sat through her going over her monthly expenses in detail, fretting over her $14 water bill, and $15 phone bill. Telling me how she doesn’t waste money to buy meat every time she goes to the grocery store. Seriously.. pitiful. Some life, without dough to go out and do anything… like she would. What a hermit. That’s so where I get it from.

Anywho, showed her the wedding video and pictures, and she was so pleased. Talked for hours about James and his family. She is dying to meet everyone. Made me promise to drag James up some weekend for a cookout at her house, even his parents, if I wanted to. The time went by too fast, and too soon I was loading in the car, 11:30 am Sunday morning, and heading home. The trip, thanks to mucho accidents and construction, took forever. My eyes were watering so bad from my sinuses and I’d already sat in so much construction, that I just knew I needed a something to keep me awake, so in Knoxville, I stopped at the Wally-world and picked up Harry Potter 5 on tape. SO glad I did, because traffic was so bad i didn’t get home until almost 7pm. Got through the first seven chapters, and now I have plenty more tapes to look forward to for some future road trips I have planned. Namely, back to mom’s more frequently. Books on tape rock, and I can’t believe I let myself forget that. I used to get them all the time when I was travelling back and forth to Florida or Alabama.

Well, it seems I’m so backlogged at work that they’re desperate enough to get me to ask Skittles to come back and contract, even allowing her night and weekend flex schedule so she can work her other full-time job, too. Why? Well, this morning’s email from Glen may explain some…. Glen, the latest Hawaii gentlemen I gave up hours of time to train when they flew him in last week, well…

Hi, I’ve been told to put a hold on doing any Reworks to concentrate on several data conversion projects that are due in August. So could you reassign any reworks assigned to me back to Kim.
Thanks. – Glen S. Tanigawa

I think he makes seven people I’ve trained that didn’t pan out as assistants. Woo hoo.

It seems my husband has decided to be a regular updater now. Cool. Yes, we did “Dark Side of the Rainbow” which was interesting, but he didn’t seem too keen on going through our dvd collection watching movies along to the same cd just to see how often things sync up. Instead, we played Tiger Woods golf. Oh joy, that is just my favorite game. JT loves it and I suck huge hairy balls at it. I don’t get any better. Sometimes I do okay, sometimes I do crappy, there is just no consistency, so it’s all luck. Or, bad luck. Yes, dear. I freaking hate it. Hate, hate, hate, wanted to take a hammer and turn controller into 50+ small pieces. That and a shitty movie were a great prelude to a sleepless night before coming back in to face work crap. Lay mostly awake last night, resisting the urge to get up and see what JT was doing because I knew that would just wake me up more. Grumble.

In other news? Who needs more news… JT’s Dad & fam are visiting for the weekend. I can’t get off work. He can’t get off work. I’m hoping we’ll just be a hotel for their Atlanta visit and they won’t expect entertainment. Not looking forward to hiding piles of dirty laundry, which are growing still, since the new dryer doesn’t arrive until Friday. Kitty seems to have a tapeworm, which called for some pricey cat medication. Jim informs me he’s picking up Samuel when he comes down for DragonCon, that’s good. Maybe Kitty will settle down to a normal pest-like state instead of being super-jealous-bitch cat because Sam gets to go outside.

Oh well. That seems like enough babble for now. I’m sure I missed stuff. I’m sure I don’t even care how long I spend on this when I have urgent work to be done. On June 19th I was informed that if several sites weren’t put into compliance within two weeks, we’d be cut off from TREND MLS listing data. Perhaps I should start on that. Who gives a fuck.



  1. laedevalle has made a Comment

    Books on tape definitely rock. I’ve only listened to two in the past, but if I ever planned another trip to Louisiana, I’d get another. Uh, what was it that I listened to? Crap, because I was going to give two thumbs up on both of them. *a moment of durring goes by* Oh yeah, The Hobbit and Timeline (Crichton).

    I watched some pet show Sunday and the guy said pets can get tapeworms by eating fleas. 🙁 After hearing that I put my pets up and put flea powder on the carpet, vacuumed that shiznit up (yo), and gave them baths.

    Work = yuck!

    July 29, 2003 @ 7:17 am

  2. flerly has made a Comment

    1) I listened to Crichton – Sphere once on a trip and it rocked.

    2) I read that about fleas and tapeworms, too. Problem is, she doesn’t have them. Neither does the other cat. We brush them both regularly and have never seen one on them. AND we just got done steam cleaning every inch of our carpet and didn’t find a thing. I read someplace else that cats can get them from eating other bugs or rodents that might have been infected, and I know Kitty likes to chase bugs that get in the house, so I’m just figuring that’s what it was. Freaked me out about the fleas, though.

    3) and yeah. Work sucks, but I don’t care. I didn’t get here until 10. I took an hour lunch (in the car listening to Harry Potter), and I plan to leave at 5 pm precisely, and if they want to say something about it…. let them.

    July 29, 2003 @ 7:21 am

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