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Not the best start to the morning…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, July 30, 2003 at 10:02 am by flerly.

Rain is pouring down. Radio has warned of traffic hazards. The ride to work is not expected to be pleasant. Gas is sort of low, and I consider getting some, in case I get stuck in stopped traffic for a long time. I am barely through the redlight allowing me out of our apartment complex when the car is filled with an awful screeching sound, which seems to be coming from my windshield wipers. I pull into the Amoco, start filling up the tank, then proceed to investigate my noisy wiper. Upon examination, it is clearly the passenger side wiper. The blade has slipped up about six inches on it’s way out, leaving the metal brackets that usually hold it in place bare and able to scrape along my windshield. I struggle for a few moments to jam the blade back into place, then realize that the little silver faster that holds the blade to the wiper has vanished, and there’s no way it will stay. How long have I known I needed new wipers? Well, wondering what I could possibly use to hold the blade in place, I decide that I can make the trip without using my rear window wiper, so I go to cannibalize it for parts. A short while later, I have a repaired front wiper, and a filthy rear wiper blade in the car with me, as I head off again… making sure to turn that rear wiper off before I restart the car.



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