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<i>An American Tale</i> and some colored pencils…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Sunday, August 3, 2003 at 10:44 am by flerly.

Remember all that talk about watching the stress everyone was under in the planning of niece’s wedding that helped me affirm my decision to not throw a big shindig? Well, apparently I only need a weekend of having a five-year-old for a house guest (along with his parents) to affirm that I never want to have children. JT and I spoke briefly on the subject last night, and we both agree this was a learning experience.

The situation, to recap, is the visitation of JT’s Dad, step-mother, and little brother. They are on a mini-vacation, staying in our guest room, and trying their best to spend time with us around JT’s work schedule, see Atlanta, and get some relaxation. They enjoyed the zoo Friday, then a trip to the Cheesecake Factory…which was the funniest thing ever. “The evil mother-in-law”, as she likes to be called, was nuts over cheesecake, and I really think we ought to stop and get her some more for the road today just to finish off her trip right. They’ve also enjoyed our pool, playing some playstation games, and a trip to Discovery Mills for the day, which thankfully replaced the Stone Mountain trip. Don’t ask me why I didn’t want to go to Stone Mountain so much… I think I just remember the nasty, hot, sweaty, crowd for the laser show last time I went, and their plan was to hike all day, do the kiddie junk, then stay for the laser show, and I could already imagine the stench of the crowd. Anyway, Discovery Mills was much cooler, even though it was crowded. I want to go back without a kid in tow, of course.

Overall, it wasn’t so bad. Now I’m sitting here writing this, listening to An American Tale and helping occasionally to pick a color of pencil to use in some special drawings Noah wants to leave us. JamesT will be home in a half-hour or so, I think we’ll do some lunch, then they’ve got to head back to Chattanooga.

Now, I don’t think all little kids are terrors. I don’t even think Noah is a terror all the time, but he sure has his moments. In fact, I remember fondly taking care of niece Jessie when she was little for a week or more at a time over the summer, and just loving it. Sure, she could be grumpy, but maybe it was just because it was a little girl that helped me relate better to her. It’s still nice to get to spend some time with the new family. Kathy and I went through what little family pictures I have while I told her more details about my family. I’ve been meaning to write up something about me and my family, include some pictures, and get James to do the same, so we can send it out with an official “we’re married!” announcement, but we just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Best of all, besides the visit, these sweet new in-laws generously offered to buy us a dinette set for a wedding present, and insisted we go out first thing Saturday to pick one out. The one we picked was out of stock, with more due to be delivered Aug. 22nd, so we’re all paid for and set to go pick it up on that day. Here’s my opportunity to get my mother to visit, as I’ve already called her and begged to use her Blazer that weekend to pick up the table. She said she might as well come down, and I really hope she sticks to it. I know she has extra bills due in August… car insurance I think.. so I’ll probably have to figure out how to help fund her trip to get her to come, but that would totally be worth it. It bugs me how tight her budget is up there, and how she feels stuck at home because every extra dollar on the gas card or meal she has to eat out really strains her. She’s aware of how much it sucks, and I hope finally looking realistically at her options to sell that place and buy something smaller.

Anyway.. I’ve probably babbled enough for today. Think I’ll look at sneaking out to get some cheesecake to go.


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