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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, August 6, 2003 at 11:25 am by flerly.

Perhaps they should remove the “break this record” link from this one: http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/index.asp?ID=53241

Well, Jim Campbell (whom I ran into at Audioslave concert earlier this year) tells me that I didn’t miss anything by not going to Lollapalooza. He said most of the bands, and especially Audioslave, had all sorts of sound problems that they couldn’t get worked out and that “it was really frustrating to watch”. Good. Glad I didn’t go.

You know, I overheard today that they have scheduled moving vans to be here on August 15th, and I haven’t the foggiest notion where we might be moving to. A lot of things are going straight to storage. That’s a week from Friday. Perhaps I’d better ask around what the latest news is.

JasonC is off to Santa Ana for 30 days. He worked last night for a while to help me resolve some outstanding items, but now he’ll be pretty much out of touch for a while. And even when he gets back, he isn’t supposed to be working on our issues any more. In fact, by the time he gets back, I don’t know if I’ll be working on our issues any more. Why are we hiring all these contractors with less than two weeks left to go? Surely that’s an indication we’re just moving to a newer, smaller, as yet undisclosed location?

Just really realized today that is now my closest (proximity) in town buddy, and that we’ve been really slack about getting together in non-cheese sort of ways. We must plan some dinners out at a good central location to us both. Don’t want to get shown up by the friendly neighbors and doing things together.

Oh well. I seem to have some work to do.


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  1. aoide has made a Comment

    We can talk about work and expense it!

    August 6, 2003 @ 5:02 am

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