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But I just spammed you yesterday…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, July 15, 2003 at 3:52 pm by flerly.

Okay. It seems if you don’t show up for work for over a week, then your chair is up for grabs and someone will take it. Don’t know why.. I mean, we’re not short of desk chairs anymore with our reduced head count, but nonetheless… first thing this morning I had to hunt down something to sit on. Don’t seem to see my old chair anywhere in use either… so I wonder if it was taken home by someone as a prize, the way several of our desks have been.

Yesterday, it seems, Billy finished the re-fi on his house, because he put in his vacation request for two weeks vacation time, and his two-weeks notice. Apparently management was shocked. They’re still reeling today, and have organized a big “party” of folks rushing here in emergency to try to take over things Billy was responsible for. Technically, he’s still an employee, and only on vacation, so he can help out, but that’s not bloody likely. He encouraged me again today (over cheese) to quit this lousy job and come answer phones for him for minimum wage. He’s serious. I have a little more time to consider, then I have a feeling he’ll be cutting me off as a friend for consorting with “the enemy.”

Jason (Hawaii-boi) was supposed to be part of the emergency crew coming in for about two weeks or so, but he has surprised them all by refusing to travel. He’s not sure what the consequences of this are yet, but he’s prepared to be fired. He doesn’t care.. right now he’s just so happy there that he’d stick around unemployed just to be with his girlfriend. Every day I get messages about things they’ve done together, and today he tells me they are already talking about getting an apartment together. Both of their places are too small for the both of them to live in, and since he got a $57 ticket the other day for riding his bike on the sidewalk (coming home from her place) he’s decided he doesn’t really like making the trip.

He says his falling in love and my getting married are all part of some stars being properly aligned, and that he expects that wonderful, monumental life changes to have happened all over the world recently due to the same stars. I’d agree with that, considering Tiger’s new puppy, Maggie’s new happy-homeownerness, and Aoide’s sweet bf.

About the apparently new fame of the Cheese Posse… jeez. How to react to that. Okay, there are a couple snaps of us in Xcitement magazine. Now wants to do a photo shoot for us. What’s next? Somebody could stand to sit down and spruce up the posse website, I think, in case we’re actually getting visitors.

Well, oh well. I’ve been doing about the absolute minimum work I could get by with today. Mostly doing some online wishlist making for new furniture. I’m drooling over little dinette sets with matching hutches/baker’s racks (not as literally as I was drooling over ice cream last night, dear, but close). I also want little end tables and bookshelves and something nicer for the entryway… and we need pictures and frames for our posters.. and just so much stuff. =) I could go nuts. Even kitchen stuff.. I’m looking at breadmakers (so I can make my own low-carb versions and not have to order online anymore), and george foreman grills. In fact, I like the big indoor/outdoor one, that way I could get a cute patio set, too. =) James’ step mom gave us a new stand up mixer, which is pretty cool even if it is funkadelic 70s in style. I still want to try to make curtains for the house, too…. Oh jeez. I’m rambling like a freak.

Okay… shutting up now. Going to try for a quick trip to the Target after work, then home to pick up JamesT for his birthday dinner.


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